The Wushu Council Australia Limited is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee.
The organisation carries its work through the state associations and is governed by the Board of Directors.

Objects of the organisation:

• To improve the physical, mental and social well-being of the citizens of Australia by the encouragement and promotion of all disciplines of the art of Wushu including but not limited to modern sport of Wushu, traditional Wushu, Taijiquan and Qigong and their benefits including its philosophical and cultural aspects.
• To provide the proper regulation of any activities associated with this.
• To work towards becoming the pre-eminent organisation taking full responsibility for the development of Wushu in Australia.
• To improve the standards of Wushu practice according to the recommendations of the Australian Sports Commission and the leading world Wushu regulatory body.
• To organise Wushu competitions at regional, state and national levels for competition-minded people.
• To raise the awareness of the philosophy and practice of Wushu among the citizens of Australia.
• To provide adequate representation of Australia in Wushu on the international level.
• To establish and maintain friendly and productive relations with other sporting bodies in Australia and overseas.

See the full text of the Constitution