Chuan An Mao

Andy has been training in Wushu for many years, graduated from Beijing University with specialisation in Wushu and holds 5th Duan. When he came to Australia he joined the Wushu & Tai Chi NSW and later was elected to the Committee of Management. Serving on the Committee, participating in promotional activities and assisting with the Committee’s projects are his input into development of the sport of Wushu in Australia and NSW.

Larissa Koroleva, Vice-President

Dr Larissa has a broad knowledge and experience in Wushu coaching, competitions and administration. She was a member of the National Australian Team in various roles and served on the Traditional Wushu Committee of the International Wushu Federation. She also coached the NSW teams successfully performing in overseas competitions. Dr Larissa devotes a lot of her time and efforts to promoting Wushu, Taijiquan and Qigong in Australia, and particularly in NSW. She is always available for help and advice.

Khoo Cheng Choo, Secretary

I’ve been practising Tai Chi and Qigong for many years for Health and Lifestyle reasons. Over the years the gentle practice has energised and strengthened me in subtle yet discernible ways. I value the calmness, enhanced balance and vitality that Tai Chi has accorded me. I wish to share this passion with people and being a member of the Committee and the Wushu Herald Editor, I have opportunity to contribute to the spread of Tai Chi’s amazing qualities to the community.

Helen Rivett, President

As the current President of the Wushu & Tai Chi NSW, I take great pride in being able to work with people of all ages who are interested in Wushu, Tai Chi & Qigong. I spend time organising various events including monthly workshops, demonstrations, talks, fundraising etc. Each year we help people to participate in seminars and competitions, both in Australia and overseas. As a member of the Wushu Council, Wushu & Tai Chi NSW encourages all schools and clubs to work together.

Gloria Shen, Treasurer

Originated from China, I have always had the strong sense of responsibility to promote Chinese traditional culture and sport spirit.  As Wushu and Tai Chi originally are also from China and becoming an international sport, it is my honour to act as an agent to tie people together. Acting as the treasurer and a committee member in the Association, I want to dedicate my full passion to serve this association and those who are fascinated by Wushu and Tai Chi.