China to clean up self-proclaimed kung fu masters

“The Chinese Wushu Association has appealed to all the country’s martial artists to maintain self-discipline, and avoid hyping themselves up as “masters” or becoming involved in other violations.

The association published a proposal on strengthening self-discipline and promoting martial arts culture on its website, calling on all practitioners to unite, abide by the ethics of ancient martial arts, abide by the rules, and work together to promote Chinese martial arts, an excellent traditional culture also known as wushu.

The proposal asked martial arts practitioners not to give themselves titles such as “kung fu master”, “authentic master” and “legacy inheritor”, and not to counterfeit certificates attesting to their alleged prowess.”


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Far (and Not So) Far Away Photo Competition 2021

Australians love to travel.
Some of them take their Tai Chi, Wushu and Qigong practice with them.
To celebrate their passion, we again (just like in 2019) are announcing a Photo Competition and invite everyone to submit the pictures of Australians in action

while away from their usual environment. (The requirement of 2019 to be overseas is not practical now, for obvious reasons.)

Send your photos with a brief description (time, location, etc,) to

Entries will be closed on Sunday 9 January 2022. We remind that the photos should have been taken in 2021.
All currently submitted images can be viewed by browsing this section of the Wushu Herald or Flickr album

The winner will be determined by public voting. After 9 January 2021, you will be able to vote using one of the two available methods:

  1. Go to the Facebook post containing all entries and like up to six individual photos that, in your opinion, deserve the prizes. Feel free to comment as well.
  2. View the photos on Flickr and email to your ratings for the top six photos only (from one to six with six being the best in your opinion).

The first prize is $100.
The second prize is $50.
The third prize is $25.

The winners will be announced on the 23rd January 2022.

Thanks and Good luck to all the participants!

Qigong, used to complement COVID-19 and cancer treatment, a mental ‘game-changer’

ABC News

“In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, reports emerged of a novel method for managing mild cases of the disease. In field hospitals in Wuhan, patients were encouraged to practise Qigong — an ancient Chinese form of exercise incorporating focused breathing and gentle movement. But while eyebrows may have been raised among some Westerners, Albert Yeung, an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School with a major in epidemiology, said Qigong was a helpful recovery tool for a range of diseases.”

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