Gloria Shen, Secretary

Originated from China, I have always had the strong sense of responsibility to promote Chinese traditional culture and sport spirit.  As Wushu and Tai Chi originally are also from China and becoming an international sport, it is my honour to act as an agent to tie people together. Acting as the secretary and a committee member in the Association, I want to dedicate my full passion to serve this association and those who are fascinated by Wushu and Tai Chi. 

The World Health Qigong Day 2018: Winning Slogan Announced

The International Health Qigong Federation announced the winning slogan for the forthcoming World Health Qigong Day on 8 September 2018:

Health Qigong – a Way to Healthy Life

It was proposed by Master Han Jin Song, the principal of Tai Chi Australia, Melbourne, and was one of 64 slogans suggested for considerations by Health Qigong practitioners from all over the world. On the basis of these proposals, the Head Office conducted the primary vote, selected 6 slogans and submitted them to the Executive Committee. Eventually, its members voted for the idea  from Mr. Han Jin Song.

Congratulations and Well done, Song!

Katherine Raper, Committee Member

What encouraged me to join the Committee of Management of Wushu & Tai Chi NSW was working with enthusiastic members and sharing ideas with them. I have been keen to bring along and assess how to put into practice new ideas for the Committee, Wushu Herald and the Council.

By being a Committee member, I have expanded my knowledge about Tai Chi, enhanced my confidence in public speaking in large groups and formed networks with knowledgeable people.

Alice Ma, Committee Member

I am a general member on the Wushu & Tai Chi NSW Committee of Management. I have only been learning and practising Tai Chi and Qigong for a short period of time and have discovered the immense health and social benefits of practising these arts. I therefore welcome any opportunity to contribute to the furthering of the practice and the growth of Wushu Council Australia through my work at the NSW State Association Committee helping with documentation.