Far Far Away Competition Winners

Congratulations to all participants of our “Far Far Away” photo competition!
Your photos together have amassed more that 2,300 “likes”
from all over the world!
However, we had to identify the winners by the number of individual likes collected by Sunday 9 February midnight, and the winners are:
  1. Simon Bishop in Shaolin with a group of international students;
  2. Fong Lee in WA;
  3. Lanna Leung in New Zealand.
Well done!
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Comments by winners:
Thank you very much for liking the photo. I was very fortunate to be training with some African guys who had come to the Shaolin Temple for a period of time. They were very good and trained super hard. After they gave a performance, we were allowed into a restricted area for some photos. I was lucky enough to get my ugly head in the middle. Ha ha ha. Thanks again Wushu Herald.
(Simon Bishop)
Thank you Wushu Herald for your hard work promoting the Chinese treasure Wushu to the world and organizing the photo competition which unexpectedly I came second place, wow! Also I like to thank Alex/Larissa recommending and submitted my photo into the competition! Much appreciated for your efforts! I love Wushu all my life and am still learning everyday for the past fifty one years! And congratulations to other winners as well, well done! Cheers to you all!
(Fong Lee)
It’s wonderful to see so many people practice their Tai Chi while on holidays (and not just me)! Surprised to see my photo winning third place in the competition. Thanks to Wushu Herald for hosting the photo competition to promote Tai Chi and Wushu.
(Lanna Leung)

Far Far Away Photo Competition 2019

Australians love to travel.
Some of them take their Tai Chi, Wushu and Qigong practice with them.
In the beginning of 2019, to celebrate their passion, we announced a Photo Competition and invited everyone to submit the pictures of Australians in action while overseas.

Entries will be closed on 12 January 2020. We remind that the photos should have been taken in 2019.
All currently submitted images can be viewed by browsing this section of the Wushu Herald or Flickr album

The winner will be determined by public voting. After 12 January 2020, you will be able to vote using one of the two available methods:

  1. Go to the Facebook post containing all entries and like up to six individual photos that, in your opinion, deserve the prizes. Feel free to comment as well.
  2. View the photos on Flickr and email to herald@auswushu.com.au your ratings for the top six photos only (from one to six with six being the best in your opinion).

The first prize is $100.
The second prize is $50.
The third prize is $25.

The winners will be announced on the 25th January 2020.

Thanks and Good luck to all the participants!