Moon Festival Celebrations

by Amanda Heidke

COVID-19 has certainly meant many changes to our year and the thought of not being able to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival was not a happy one. However the easing of NSW Health directives allowing gatherings of 20 enabled us to share Tai Chi, Qigong and Mooncakes in the most beautiful natural environment of Hunter Wetlands. Our event was completely booked within 2 hours of announcing it would be proceeding.

Participants enjoyed a perfect day of sunshine and gentle breeze in the company of chirping birds and frogs – I do not know of a more perfect way to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. ….. It really was quite magical.











World Health Qigong Day 2020

“World Health Qigong Day” was initiated by the International Health Qigong Federation and is celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of September each year. This year’s event’s slogan was:

Have you Baduanjined today?

Yes, we have! On 12 September 2020, Wushu & Tai Chi NSW, together with thousands of Health Qigong enthusiasts from all over the world, celebrated it in Liberty Grove, Sydney.
Wonderful sunny day allowed us to do it outdoor (observing all COVID-19 precautions).

More photos from Liberty Grove on Flickr