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Tai Chi Push Hands Workshop in Sydney, by Master Ji Shou Xiang

01/10/2017 @ 9:00 am - 02/10/2017 @ 5:00 pm

Master Ji Shou Xiang from China will conduct a series of workshops on Tai Chi Push Hands in Australia. These workshops are intended to give the participants good understanding and experience of application of Tai Chi movements through Push Hands practice. The most astonishing skill of “four ounces deflecting one thousand pounds” will be explained and simulated. The 2 day workshop will enable the participants to become familiar with a Push Hands routine incorporating the four classical hand movements: “Peng“, “Lu“, “Ji“, “An”. It will be shown how to use the Push Hands routine in a friendly and cooperative manner with no aggressive pushing. Master Ji is currently the Vice-President of Suzhou Tai Chi Push Hands Association. He is also the Chief Coach for Tai Chi Push Hands of Jiangsu Tai Cang City Wushu Association, the Chief Instructor of Tai Chi at Suzhou University and an instructor for Suzhou Police Department.

Essentially, the workshop will be conducted over 2 days (Sunday 1 October and Monday 2 October 2017). The first day consists of a morning session of theory and demonstration and an afternoon session of training. The second day will be a full day training where the participants will practice Single Push Hands, Double Push Hands and Four Formal Push Hands Routine.

The optimal results will be achieved by attending both days for which there is a special discount. However, anyone can choose to attend one day only according to their needs and interests.

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Tai Chi Push Hands will be presented as a cooperative practice between two Tai Chi practitioners who wish to explore into the application aspects of Tai Chi form practice. After years of practising Tai Chi form it becomes natural for every practitioner to seek for the purpose of Tai Chi movements. Why are the Tai Chi movements so slow? With such graceful and gentle movements can we really achieve the astonishing skill of using “4 ounces to deflect 1000 pounds”? We have witnessed that Master Ji, with his 40+ years of practice, experiences and research coming through his lineage with some of the top Tai Chi grandmasters in China, can provide you with some answers through his Tai Chi Push Hands seminar/workshops. The subtle Tai Chi skills of listening ( feeling the slightest force or movement through touching), drawing, diffusing, borrowing and releasing (the opponent force)  can be learned through a graceful practice routine of Push Hands. You will again see the familiar gentle and graceful Tai Chi routine performed with two friendly parties. This is in stark contrast to the aggressive pushing and pressuring commonly seen in Push Hands practice where both parties are attempting to overcome the other with force and power.

In this seminar/workshop Master Ji will show you how a correct practice of a Push Hands routine can lead to the acquisition of the basic skills of “attach, adhere, connect and follow” expressed through the phenomena of “Drawing, Diffusing, Borrowing, Releasing” the opponent force. The great fun and enjoyment will come as you surprise yourself that with a minimal effort, you can nullify an oncoming threat. The result is achieving a highly coordinated Tai Chi movements and continuous uplift of Tai Chi form practice as you discover more meanings in form movements.

Master Ji personal research on Tai Chi Push Hands has resulted in the formulation of the following 6 basic principles:

  1. Horizontal and vertical axis theory 
  2. The dynamics of the “Kua” or hip.
  3. Two points theory: the point of contact and the point of changes.
  4. The spatial movement. 
  5. The inner circle and the outer circle. 
  6. The dynamic interchange of substantial and insubstantial.

It could be rather abstract by just looking at the above principles. However, during the workshop sessions, Master Ji will be able to demonstrate to the participants. Together with hands-on workshop one would be able to grasp the concept and practice accordingly.

We wish to emphasise the eventual key objectives are the immense health benefits rather than the martial arts application.


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Epping, NSW Australia
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