Gold from Hong Kong for Serenity Tai Chi, Sydney!

Our Congratulations to three Australians from “Serenity Tai Chi Chuan”, Sydney, who participated in the 16th Hong Kong Wushu International Championships (16 – 18 March 2018)! John Gough says: “All three of us – Laoshi Serene Yong Harris, John Gough and Lyn Brownlow – attained Gold Medals in our Competition Event. Approximately 4,250 competitors, from China, Asia and Europe.  We flew the flag for Australia and were part of the team from Singapore. We trust our adventure encourages others to have a go on the International Stage.

Tai Chi in NSW Senior Festival

As a part of NSW Senior Festival 2018, some Sydney Tai Chi practitioners volunteered to demonstrate their skills in public places like shopping centres etc. This is just one example of such enthusiasts: Alex Galvan, the principal of Sydney Vision. His next presentations will take place: on Thursday 5 April at 1.30 – 2.00 pm at the Community Centre, 2 Lane St, Wentworthville; on Friday 13 April at 10.30 – 11.00 am at Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre, Bankstown. Other Tai Chi practitioners might do the the same!

CNY Photo Competition Results

The Wushu Herald is proud to announce the results of its very first Chinese New Year Photo Competition 2018. We were pleased to receive entries from various sources that show-cased and captured the essence of Wushu and Tai Chi performance and practice in a Chinese New Year setting. 

Congratulations go to first prize winner – Wilson Lo, the principal of Yut Hung Kung Fu Academy, Canberra, with their powerful and dramatic shot of two leaping Wushu students being watched by a fascinated crowd in a festive backdrop of CNY decorations and red lanterns. As one of the judges noted, “this one ticks all the boxes of the photo competition criteria and the photo also has a powerful Wushu impact”.

Second place goes to Gerard Zimmerman who photographed the colourful Sword performance by the Wushu & Tai Chi NSW group in Chatswood. 

‘Tai Chi Rabbits in Action’, a quirky magical shot of “lantern rabbits” in a Tai Chi pose, photographed at Circular Quay, Sydney by Josephine Chow, came in third in the competition.

Winners will be awarded cash prizes and all short-listed participants will be offered a free membership for a year.

We, at the Wushu Herald, hope that you will all continue to support and participate in this photographic CNY event in future years to come. With the success of this year’s competition which is supported by the Wushu Council Australia, we expect it to be even bigger and better next year.

View all short-listed entries

Chuan An Mao

Andy has been training in Wushu for many years, graduated from Beijing University with specialisation in Wushu and holds 5th Duan. When he came to Australia he joined the Wushu & Tai Chi NSW and later was elected to the Committee of Management. Serving on the Committee, participating in promotional activities and assisting with the Committee’s projects are his input into development of the sport of Wushu in Australia and NSW.

Larissa Koroleva, Vice-President

Dr Larissa has a broad knowledge and experience in Wushu coaching, competitions and administration. She was a member of the National Australian Team in various roles and served on the Traditional Wushu Committee of the International Wushu Federation. She also coached the NSW teams successfully performing in overseas competitions. Dr Larissa devotes a lot of her time and efforts to promoting Wushu, Taijiquan and Qigong in Australia, and particularly in NSW. She is always available for help and advice.